Cardtronics Launches OnATM Solutions Suite

In a previous blog post, we announced our sponsorship of the Artemis World Cycle - Mark Beaumont Around the World in 80 Days. Given our obvious appreciation for global horizons, the Cardtronics’ leadership team felt a certain sense of fellowship and fraternity when Mark Beaumont approached us about sponsoring this attempt to cycle around the world in 80 days.   

In preparing for the journey, Beaumont said his attempt will be the “culmination of everything I have practiced and built in the past twenty years.”

Similar to Beaumont believing he has been building toward his challenge for the past 20 years, Cardtronics has methodically developed its toolkit of ATM services. And now, with the age of financial institution transformation upon us, we have evolved into the strategic ATM services partner for financial institutions around the globe.

Even as bank transformation efforts focus on digital and mobile engagement, and shrinking the number of bank branches, the ATM has emerged as the essential physical component of the digital banking model. Essential, but costly for banks to operate.
As a strategic partner, Cardtronics can help banks save money, meet their customers’ increasing demand for more convenient ATM access, and simultaneously free up resources to focus on their strategic differentiators.

Introducing: OnATM By Cardtronics
ATM networks, account holder access to cash at ATMs, and other transactional services need a physical presence. Cardtronics is uniquely able to eliminate this capital intensive and operationally complex burden, which is no longer strategic to banks, but absolutely necessary for their customers.

Thus, the launch of Cardtronics’ OnATM suite of services, which combines our established surcharge-free offerings with the management of bank-owned ATMs, and offers financial institutions a new, shared way to think about self-service banking.

ATM Services for Financial Institutions
OnATM is a suite of secure, on-demand, bank-grade ATM services for financial institutions that want to improve cash and self-service access while reducing costs and refocusing resources on core business initiatives including exceptional customer engagement. The OnATM suite includes: Allpoint, OnPoint, OnBranch, and introduces OnHub.
Whether a financial institution needs to increase brand awareness, expand ATM access nationally and internationally, or refocus its energies on core objectives, OnATM is the solution.



55,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs Worldwide
Allpoint ATMs are conveniently located inside highly desirable retail locations – stores that people know and trust, are part of their daily routine, and are easy to find while traveling. In the U.S., this means most CVS/pharmacy, Target, and Walgreens locations, and the Kroger family of grocery and convenience stores, and many more. On top of that, Allpoint ATMs are conveniently located in many regional and local favorites, plus a growing footprint of global locations.

Points of Presence Solutions
OnPoint is a bank’s brand experience delivered by Cardtronics’ ATMs, providing convenient surcharge-free cash access for their cardholders at additional points of presence.

Cardtronics ATMs are in destination retail locations where cardholders shop, work, and play. OnPoint gives financial institutions a powerful competitive edge, quickly and cost effectively, by enabling them to leverage the ATM assets Cardtronics has deployed with blue-chip retailers around the globe.

With OnPoint, banks can extend their points of presence, increase cardholder convenience, and do both without the capital outlay.


ATM Services for Financial Institutions
The ATM is not the core focus of a financial institution’s overall business, but it is for Cardtronics. OnBranch enables banks to satisfy basic customer transactional needs, such as a ready access to cash through their existing ATM network, while bank associates focus on delivering an improved customer experience and engaging in high-value consultations.

OnBranch means high quality, cost-effective management of bank-owned ATMs, on- and off-premise, wherever they may be. 

With OnBranch, financial institutions can focus on their core business and innovating for the digital future, while Cardtronics manages their still-critical ATM, cash and self-service assets.

Shared Self-Service Banking Centers
As banking institutions strive to become more efficient, many have closed branches.  This has been particularly prevalent in the UK, where more than 1,500 communities have been left without a ‘last bank in town’ since 1990.

OnHub is a shared network of banking centers, strategically located in retail environments or hubs, designed to serve personal and business account holders with self-service transactional banking solutions. OnHub banking centers are designed to stand-in for the legacy transactional branch, enabling financial institutions to accelerate their branch transformation plans and simplify physical distribution strategies.

Branded Bankzone, these self-service transaction hubs facilitate branch transformation and customer service cost-rationalization by automating transactional banking tasks like deposits and withdrawals - and removing the burden of these tasks from branch offices and teller lines.

OnHub is currently planned to debut in the UK. 

The Journey Begins
Amidst making final preparations for his latest adventure, Beaumont has said that Artemis World Cycle will push him further physically and mentally than ever before – and re-define the limits of what is humanly possible.

Similarly, the ATM channel is being redefined by Cardtronics and the 2,300 financial institutions already receiving services from the OnATM suite of solutions.

Learn more today about OnATM by clicking here, calling 832.308.4000, or by emailing

Susannah Moore Griffin
Corporate Communications Manager

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