Cardtronics at ATMIA’s ATM Cash & Innovation Conference: The Right Place at the Right Time

The influence of the independent ATM deployer on the ATM’s history, to the ATM’s evolution beyond just a cash dispensary – these were the overall themes of knowledge-sharing sessions led by Cardtronics presenters at ATMIA’s ‘ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017’ conference held in London.

Shown in front of the Cardtronics booth are, left to right, Cardtronics’ Chief Marketing Officer Tom Pierce, Managing Director – UK and Ireland Tim Halford, CEO Steve Rathgaber, EVP – Global Product & Marketing Brad Nolan, and UK Sales Director – Financial Institutions Duncan Faithfull.

Below are key takeaways from those presentations:

“The Expanding Role of Independent ATM Deployers”
In this presentation - one of the conference’s keynote sessions – Cardtronics CEO Steve Rathgaber presented an insightful look at the journey of the ATM and how the independent ATM deployer has helped shape that journey.  From first being solely under the purview of financial institutions and considered a nice-to-have feature of prime branch locations, the ATM is now positioned as an important component of the omnichannel delivery model for banking services.

How can financial institutions make sure the ATM component is well managed?  By going to the ATM specialist – the IAD.  Shifting responsibility for ATM equipment, software, management and maintenance enables the FI to narrow its focus on managing the customer relationship and experience, and is more aligned with how most financial institutions already do their business in terms of outsourcing such functions as card processing and loan management to third-party experts.

“Transform Your ATM Approach – Not Just the Branch”
Today’s banks are trying to reduce their costly branch footprint as they increasingly compete in the digital space with apps, mobile payments, social commerce, etc.  At the same time, consumers still demand cash access, and it’s impossible to get cash from a mobile phone.

In this presentation, Cardtronics’ EVP – Global Product & Marketing Brad Nolan explained how the Independent ATM deployer can provide the optimal solution.

Cardtronics has introduced, and is continuing to expand, a solution set that allows financial institutions to provide a full self-service banking experience in their own locations without the hassle and expense of maintaining ATMs.  This solution suite, OnATM, offers a complete range of automated cash access and deposit capabilities – allowing FI customers continued access to essential ATM self-service capabilities while the financial institution is able to repurpose its assets, financial and human, into new digital ventures and other endeavors.

 Cardtronics' booth at ATMIA’s Cash & Innovation conference shows off the look and feel of some of the devices for BankZone, the full-service financial kiosks in retail environments being piloted in the UK. 

“The Real Potential of ATM On-screen Marketing”
It’s not your grandmother’s ATM anymore, according to Jack Vincent, Head of Business Development for i-design ltd., a Cardtronics division.  Besides dispensing cash to consumers, the ATM in the UK is an outperforming outdoor marketing medium. Using software that can run on a wide range of platforms, financial institutions can monetize the ATM’s processing time by displaying targeted consumer messaging in the moments people await delivery of their cash.  And from the advertisers’ perspective, the average return on investment from ATM on-screen advertising of certain categories of consumer packaged goods has been demonstrated to be more than double that of other OOH or outdoor media.

Jack Vincent during his presentation

On-screen ATM messaging offers financial institutions and advertisers an opportunity to target by multiple factors: Location, Gender, Day of Week/Time of Day, Groups of Customers, Events, and Individuals. It also offers a way to get in front of the customer at the right time.  In a joint study with Capture, the U.K.'s leading retail media and shopper marketing agency, i-design found that right place and time to be at the point of purchase.  The ATM is often the last opportunity to influence buyers before they enter the store.  For example, in one campaign, ATM advertising exceeded the brand uplift of five of the top six advertising channels used for fast-moving consumer goods.

Being in the right place and the right time is why ATMs in general have a viable and extendable future ahead.  And along with its fellow members of ATMIA, Cardtronics demonstrated its commitment to that future at the ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017 Conference.

Joel Antonini
SVP, Marketing 



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