Challenge to Circle the Globe in 80 Days Began Sunday Under Cardtronics’ Co-sponsorship

While many Parisians were still sleeping, Mark Beaumont pedaled away from the Arc d’ Triomphe at 4 a.m. Central European Saving Time (CEST) on Sunday to begin his quest to circle the globe in 80 days.  Traveling along with him in spirit is Cardtronics, one of the sponsors of Beaumont’s global attempt, the Artemis World Cycle.

Beaumont at a Cardtronics' Cashzone machine in Edinburgh, Scotland

Sponsorship of Beaumont's endeavor symbolizes Cardtronics' own global ambitions, which in 2017 includes expansion in two new continents - Africa and Australia - and three new countries -  Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa - to ensure convenient cash access throughout the world. 

On this first phase of his trip, Beaumont will travel from Paris to Beijing via Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Mongolia.

A British long-distance athlete, broadcaster, and ambassador, Beaumont is already known for cycling around the world in 194 days in 2008. Cardtronics is proud to support Mark Beaumont, now on the road with his “Around The World in 80 Days” on a bicycle adventure. The progress of his new adventure can be tracked at the Artemis World Cycle website.   

Tom Pierce
Chief Marketing Officer

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