England Fans Go Big for Cash During Mid-week Games - and Bradford Hits a Winner

In addition to being a global celebration of sporting excellence, the World Cup delivered many opportunities for fans around the world to get together to support their teams as they progressed through the tournament. After many years of “hurt”, England fans were finally given an opportunity to celebrate. We took a look at the impact the World Cup had on cash advances in the UK and it makes great reading for high streets across England.

Once again, cash fuelled the football celebrations, as English fans made their way to pubs and bars, and stocked up on drinks and food for football parties. Even the weather played its part, with the country basking in a record-breaking hot spell. The withdrawal numbers don’t lie, with Bradford taking the crown as England’s ‘football central’ during the match between England and Sweden.

World Cup fever saw English consumers surge for cash in the run-up to big England games. In the rush to see the game in pubs and homes across the country, cash withdrawals peaked at our ATMs in the hours before kick-off with mid-week games generating more excitement than weekend fixtures.

The biggest surges were for the games against Croatia (Wednesday 11th July) and Colombia (Tuesday 3rd July) highlighting that fan enthusiasm beat work night routines as England fans headed out and spent their cash while watching the big game. Reflecting its importance to the Three Lions, the semi-final against Croatia drove people to ATMs to complete over 33 percent more withdrawals during the peak hour compared to a typical Wednesday.

The last-16 victory over Colombia came in second, showing an increase in the number of withdrawals at Cashzone ATMs of over a quarter in the peak period. By comparison, the markedly more important weekend match against Sweden in the quarterfinal only fuelled an increase half the size of the midweek surge. 

Above average cash withdrawals are welcome news for England’s high-street retailers. Independent studies have shown that for every Pound withdrawn at high-street ATMs, around 40p is immediately spent in shops, pubs and restaurants in their vicinity.

However, as quickly as the World Cup fever started, it flattened again once the trophy was out of reach for the England team. With virtually no marked increase in withdrawals, the third-place play-off with Belgium seems to have failed to draw England fans into pubs and bars, or to fire up their BBQs for big parties at their homes.

Looking at the total number of cash withdrawals done in one day, the Saturday of the quarter-final match against Sweden takes the crown. For cities outside of London, Bradford scoops the prize for showing the greatest fan enthusiasm with daily transactions. It beat rivals Sunderland, Lancaster, Carlisle and Bristol, which made up the top 5 cities for transaction growth that Saturday. This contrasts with Scottish cities Glasgow and Edinburgh, which did not show marked increases in withdrawals for the Sweden match day.

Richard Cooper
EVP - International Product & Marketing

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