Cash is Fun! Cash Origami Step-by-Step

Cash is fun, and not just spending it! You can make art with your cash. Cash origami makes for a fun and interesting gift idea, or create art with your cash just because you can. Learn how to make a simple origami shirt in this blog post that proves cash really is the most fun way to pay.
Follow the quick and simple video tutorial for making an Origami Dollar Bill T-Shirt.

The photos take you through each step of how to make the dollar t-shirt using a dollar sized white piece of paper, so it’s easy to see exactly where to fold! Grab your dollar and get folding!

You can also download the instructions here (pdf).

Step 1:

Begin by folding the bill in half lengthwise. Then unfold the bill, leaving a crease down the center.
Dollar Bill Origami

Step 2:

Next, fold the sides in to meet the center.
Dollar Bill Origami

Step 3:

Turn over the bill. Fold the top edge down about 1/4" (about 1/2 cm), as shown by the dotted green line.
Dollar Bill Origami

Step 4:

Turn over the bill again. The edge you just folded should be on the top. Fold the top two corners diagonally so that the corners meet the center line.
Dollar Bill Origami

Step 5:

Fold the bill into thirds, leaving a slight amount of room at the top and then unfold.
Dollar Bill Origami

Step 6:

Take the bottom crease you just made, and fold it the opposite way creating a “mountain” crease.
Dollar Bill Origami

Step 7:

Now where you have created the mountain crease, we will create the “sleeves”. Pinch one side of the crease at a time, and then fold the bottom third up along the crease so they stay in place.
Dollar Bill Origami

Step 8:

Fold the bottom half up to meet the top half and you have completed your dollar t-shirt!
Dollar Bill Origami
Kate Spikula
Marketing Intern

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