Has Dr. Who Replaced the TARDIS for a CashZone Machine?

Some thought Dr. Who had traded in the TARDIS for a CashZone machine, while others just thought it an inadvertent juxtaposition of icons from two different centuries. It was neither. Cardtronics UK simply ended up being part of a historic day for the United Kingdom.
A century ago, the Battle of the Somme during World War I began on July 1, ending four and one-half months later as the bloodiest battle in the UK military’s history. More than one million Allied and German soldiers lost their lives. Today, ceremonies are being held in the UK and France to mark the anniversary.
One method of remembrance has been the use of actors as “ghost soldiers.” They have turned up at various locations around the UK – mainline stations mostly – dressed as WW1 foot soldiers and representing the ghosts of those who served. The ghost soldiers have appeared in stations waiting to go to war, or returning home or to their units. One Cardtronics UK staff member said, “It’s been quite poignant I think and a nice idea.”
Cardtronics inadvertently ended up playing a role in the Battle of the Somme remembrance events. Seen online was a photo (shown above) of one of the ghost soldiers as he stands on a platform at Birmingham New Street station: behind him are two Cardtronics’ CashZone machines.
“We were bent on doing great, permanent noble things.” – Harold Nicolson, British delegate to the 1919 Paris Peace Conference
Susannah Moore Griffin
Corporate Communications Manager

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