For the Love of Cash: Eastern Europe

With $1.3 trillion being spent by Eastern European consumers, it is evident that cash continues to be a preferred form of payment in this region. In fact, growth in the level of cash usage is expected at least through 2020. 

This is from the latest Q3 2016 Global Cash Index™, a Cardtronics collaboration, and proves that cash use is alive and well in the countries covered in the analysis. 


Another finding of the index is that the region has a higher cash share than its Western European neighbors and even spends more physical currency per capita than the U.S.

Alastair Mayne, managing director of Continental Europe for Cardtronics and Karen Webster of discussed Eastern Europe’s preference for cash and why claims that this ageless payment method is going away are unfounded. 

One of their conclusions? While cashless payment options are growing in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world, they are simply providing consumers with more choices.  Digital forms of payment aren’t taking away from consumers who still choose to pay with cash.

Learn more about cash usage in Eastern Europe by listening to the digital discussion between Al Mayne and Karen Webster.

Tom Pierce
Chief Marketing Officer

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