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The Cardtronics Blog Team constantly searches for information to bring you interesting and in-depth news and commentary about ATMs, fintech, payments, financial services, retailing, and the health of cash. Sometimes our search turns up more material than we can use at the time.  Rather than filing away what we don’t use, we will periodically share some of the more interesting items we run across.  Here are some items we found recently …

San Francisco Fed Blog: What’s the Value of Cash in a Digital Payments Landscape?

We liked this blog not just because it came from the cash usage experts in the Federal Reserve’s Cash Product Office (CPO).  It echoes Cardtronics’ position that consumers want a choice in payment methods.  The article talks about CPO Manager of Market Analysis Wendy Matheny’s personal preference to rack up points by using a credit card for payments, but appreciation for a cash option when needed, and how her payment behavior compares to results from the CPO’s Diary of Consumer Payment Choice survey.

CSP Daily News: Gulf Oil to Launch Mobile Payment App  

News about a mobile payment app for both in-store and fuel purchases coming soon from Gulf Oil was intriguing to us since our Health of Cash study shows that while consumers prefer to use a debit card to pay for gas, they want to use cash for in-store items. 

GT News:  Why Cash Remains King

This article from the news vehicle for Global Treasury Intelligence puts forth a balanced presentation of the arguments for and against the sustainability of cash and the factors that will determine its future.

PaymentsSource: A bad day for Sean Spicer highlights the risk of social payment apps:

The very features that make some P2P payment apps cool – like using email addresses or phone numbers as pay names – can bring on uncool trolling, scamming, and even worse irritants.  The article suggests that what may be outwardly convenient for the user needs to be backed by internal security mechanisms.  Or, one could use cash for P2P payments – the method our Health of Cash study found is preferred anyway. 

Nick Pappathopoulos
Director – Public Relations

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