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Banking technology, retail transformation, the viability of tellers and – our favorite subject – cash.  These are the topics in our latest collection of interesting reads.

Technology for People: Accenture Banking Technology Vision 2017

This new report states that 80 percent of bankers believe that artificial intelligence will play a significant role in expediting the adoption of digital banking technology by branch staff and in enhancing customer service. Additionally, approximately 36 percent of bankers say it is very critical that financial institutions adopt a platform-based business model and engage in ecosystems with digital partners.

The Future of Retail: Thinking Small

This post from Retail Customer Experience’s blog asserts that the increase in urban living and shifting consumer demands are bringing about a transformation in the retail landscape toward smaller stores that offer an “in-and-out” shopping experience.

Why Cash Demand Remains Strong in Hong Kong and China

In China, ATM growth has accelerated 23 percent with nearly 24 billion withdrawals made in 2015. And in Spain, ATM usage increased 8 percent in the same year.  The growth in ATM usage in several global markets is discussed in this article on the findings of a recent report released by RBR (Retail Banking Research).

Why Bank Tellers Won’t Become Extinct Any Time Soon

Just like cash won’t disappear as digital payment tools are created, tellers won’t be replaced by online and mobile banking, according to this article from NerdWallet.  However, their roles and responsibilities will change.    

Susannah Moore Griffin
Corporate Communications Manager

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